For the Love of Coffee

This fine afternoon I will be rambling on about my utter dedication and obsession with you said it…coffee! Ever since I can remember I loved every last detail surrounding the idea of coffee and the culture it had to offer. I have vivid memories of delivering my parent’s coffee in bed in the early dawn, awaiting the day that I could to consume the warm beverage.

Well soon enough that day came and it has been a life-changing experience. I know that many of you may be chuckling right now at what may seem to have been a dramatization but please let me explain that it is NOT. Some may even argue that individuals with high levels of stress or anxiety should not consume caffeine regularly or at least at significant levels. However, I believe the beverage to be a lifesaver – that is mentally of course. It is clear to see that this faithful drink did not rid the fear and worries that make me…well…me however it did something else equally as significant. It gave me life and allowed me to feel something. I can’t say that there haven’t been times where I didn’t abuse my daily intake of caffeine. Sometimes, coffee can have unruly side effects causing, paranoia, over sensitivity, and may even cause you to become grossly aware (my own symptom haha). However, whether I am feeling happy, sad, cheery, mad, paranoid, or any other way for that matter, I think it is safe to say that it is better to feel something than to feel nothing at all.

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I can say with certainty that coffee has given me a boost of positivity where I didn’t think possible. I heavily depended on it to get me through college and placed a great deal of importance to it in my life. The bitterness of the bean, the social environment it created, and the lasting memories that have been associated with its encounter. There is nothing more invigorating then indulging in a fresh cup of Joe to get through what may sometimes seem like an impossible day. I wholeheartedly thank this caffeinated beverage along with its heavenly aroma for putting me in a positive place and offering me meaning each and every day. I can always count on a cup of coffee to change my mindset and start my day off with fresh and positive vibes. Not to mention that coffee is not only good for the soul, but has been proven to be a healthy staple in one’s daily diet. With that said, coffee may also offer an immense impact on overall heart health. BONUS.

I cannot deny that all forms of coffee are enjoyable, however, I prefer a darker roast and enjoy it black. They say that individuals who drink their coffee black have psychopathic tendencies which I think to be absurd as this claim is seriously lacking solid grounds. ‘Experts’ suggest that people who enjoy bitter flavours such as the famously known coffee bean find enjoyment from self-torture…(I suppose their idea of self-torture is drinking a substance that is bitter in nature!?) But they’ve got it all wrong…I do not believe that enjoying a bitter taste on one’s pallet is considered self-inflicting pain, as coffee beans actually deliver a rich and original flavor which is rather enjoyable and not at the least painful. I guess in today’s society full of fast food and sugary treats people have sadly lost sight of what food actually is supposed be. Instead of enjoying wholesome and tasty foods so many are consuming mountains of sodium and sugar disguised as ‘food’ on a daily basis…but that is another story…

If you have successfully made it through my thoughts I would like to know if any of you have a huge obsession with coffee? What is your favourite type of coffee…and what do you like best about it? Please share your stories I’d love to give it a read!


*Please note that I respect all opinions and I am not saying my thoughts are the only valid ones


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