By: Kristen S.

Lost amongst fallen time

A recollection of insignificant movements

Oddly present times—weakened memories

Lacking personal chemistry

Strange and unacquainted territory

Disconnected to the awareness of the body

Heavy yet sparse, unable to retain natural rhythm

Not to be a home but rather a tomb

For my feverish soul

The body and the mind

Two separate entities

Co existing by nature

Science heroically shaping our being

Unconsciously gazing off in space

Questioning your mere existence

The body and its functions

A sluggish physical mass

Weighing me down

The body—associated to our being

A supposedly profound home

To be rhythmically in tact with the mind

Though limiting access to life as we know

Caged to our essence

Yet unfamiliarity strikes

Striving to earn more

A discrepancy of space for discovery

Unsatisfied—too much suppressed

What’s yet to be addressed?

Hearing Silence

Hearing Silence

By: Kristen S

The voices of strangers

Undefined vigorous speech

Public spaces —

A breeding ground for thee

A cornucopia of tones

Unsettling pitches

Working together

To become unknown


An array of words

The tongue may master

Impaired mind,

Blurry vision,

Struck by confusion

Barriers to hear

Messages become unclear


A noisy pursuit

Traveling voices

Filling the air swiftly

Hazy fog clouds fast appear

Surrounding my entirety

Skimming my ears

Blocked by the mind

So silence may be defined


Why does the quietness draw me in?

As a conversation may draw in

A person searching for

Comfort, or joy

This exact reality leading me to


Bars of steel

Paralyzing the mind

Unable to Feel


Noise subsiding

An abundance of thoughts

Not to be heard by the average ear

Followed by thunder — bang

When noise is disturbed

My silence loses grip

My thought become heard

Loud in my mind


Noise is retained

In my thoughts,

And my mind

And silence fast approaches

When the voices arrive

Disturbing my being

Gone for the time


In a world where noise

Is created when silenced

And the chatter of voices

Become quiet and null

Unsettling in my mind

Hearing nothing at all

Until tension becomes freedom

To be awakened with time




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A Dream

A Dream

By: Kristen

Daylight sweeps by—eager

For the moon and its offerings

Awaiting an unconscious reality

To entertain its lively rhythm

Behind these salty eyes

No more hiding


Deep among the center of our being

Vivid dimensions, so surreal

The past in disguise

Secrets to be revealed

Pledged by insanity

Yet adjured by belief

Imagery to be exceptional

The only relief


A nocturnal creature

As dreams are to be lively

For what is more vivid

Than a world without boundaries

Or radical opinions

Perceiving an obscure world

Creatively healing one’s mind


Emotions on fire

An adrenalin rush

The fate of this world

Too real to not touch

Telling stories of expression

Too compelling to deny

Stories screaming to be bold

In the depths of the night


Devouring what’s lost

Or perhaps what once was

Neglected thoughts

A creation without inhibitions

Dreams—voiced as illusions

Or are dreams merely the truth?

A passage to tether

To escape false inceptions


 Comprehensive in nature

no element of time

Dreams— spiritual escapes

Brave encounters to be flourished

Subsiding the numbness

 ironically fast asleep

Sweet dream to all

Until morning we speak


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30 Day Challenge

Hello lovely bloggers! I can’t touch base on exactly how I have been feeling but I can tell you that things seem to be quite foggy and unclear at the moment. While retracing my steps to discover why I was feeling this way, I have come to realize that I have not been doing my best to put forward the healthiest version of myself. With that said, I have recently decided to commit to a 30 day challenge that contributes to a healthier and happier me. Wohoo! The more that time progresses, the more I have come to realize that I have not been feeling my best and have been seemingly taking an array of short cuts in my daily routine. My lifestyle has a significant impact on the way I feel mentally and how I perform in my everyday life. Living a healthy life has always been a priority because it encourages me to live up to my full potential.


During this challenge I will be eating raw and wholesome foods and will be eliminating any junk or processed foods that make me feel sluggish. Of course during this month I will also have call a quits my guilty pleasure…chocolate *whimpers*. The point of this challenge has little to do with goals residing around physical appearance and although I hope to shed a few pounds, I am more so interested in reviving my current state of mind and resetting pre existing energy levels throughout my body. I want to appreciate my body; for being my home and for all that it has done for me over the years. I aim to focus more attention on the way things make me feel such as what I am putting in my body and how my emotions respond to it.


Something so tremendously important that many individuals may never bring to light is the immense relationship that both diet and exercise have on mental health. Eating an unhealthy diet with excess carbs and saturated fat can increase the symptoms of depression, which only creates a recipe for disaster. Feeling slummy physically will only feed the mind to make you feel that way psychologically. I’m aware that everyone has different trigger points that offset the way we feel. I am planning this challenge to combat the inconveniences from past experiences as I have learned that laziness and depression do not go hand in hand to contribute to my personal well-being. I feel my best when I am well nourished to tackle everyday tasks and challenges.


The diet I will follow will be strictly vegetarian and will consist of a low fat and high fiber content. Many of the essentials/staples to this diet will include:

  • Quinoa
  • Avocados (Yes I know fat)
  • Beans/legumes/lentils
  • Seeds/nuts
  • Leafy green vegetables
  • Egg whites
  • VEGA



Here is an example of what makes my tummy happy. Had an egg white omelet with veggies and beans earlier. Here it is.


Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 10.49.51 PM


I know that much of the time we all fall prey to life’s maneuvers and become too busy and reluctant to make positive and motivating changes within our lives. I’m trying my best here to stay in a positive mindset and want to continue moving forward with the help of this challenge. I also want to place emphasis on the fact that I will not only be improving my diet and fitness but also will be cleansing my mind from negative thoughts. I try my best to NOT emit negative energy on a daily basis and want to ensure that I am using positive tones throughout the day.


In past instances, I have spent a great deal of time learning about effective training styles and living an overall healthy lifestyle as I find it to pave a clear path for successful living. I feel with a proper plan in place I am just one step closer to healing my body and mind.


So why not give it a try and place your healthy foot forward to revive your spirit and well-being! Please always remember that you ARE worth the change and your body and mind will likely thank you for taking the time to comprehend its simple nature – to be nourished and loved.


If anyone is currently in a similar situation and trying to make changes I would love to learn about it or even provide any feedback from my personal experiences.


Thanks a bunch for listening!