By: Kristen S.

Lost amongst fallen time

A recollection of insignificant movements

Oddly present times—weakened memories

Lacking personal chemistry

Strange and unacquainted territory

Disconnected to the awareness of the body

Heavy yet sparse, unable to retain natural rhythm

Not to be a home but rather a tomb

For my feverish soul

The body and the mind

Two separate entities

Co existing by nature

Science heroically shaping our being

Unconsciously gazing off in space

Questioning your mere existence

The body and its functions

A sluggish physical mass

Weighing me down

The body—associated to our being

A supposedly profound home

To be rhythmically in tact with the mind

Though limiting access to life as we know

Caged to our essence

Yet unfamiliarity strikes

Striving to earn more

A discrepancy of space for discovery

Unsatisfied—too much suppressed

What’s yet to be addressed?

A Dream

A Dream

By: Kristen

Daylight sweeps by—eager

For the moon and its offerings

Awaiting an unconscious reality

To entertain its lively rhythm

Behind these salty eyes

No more hiding


Deep among the center of our being

Vivid dimensions, so surreal

The past in disguise

Secrets to be revealed

Pledged by insanity

Yet adjured by belief

Imagery to be exceptional

The only relief


A nocturnal creature

As dreams are to be lively

For what is more vivid

Than a world without boundaries

Or radical opinions

Perceiving an obscure world

Creatively healing one’s mind


Emotions on fire

An adrenalin rush

The fate of this world

Too real to not touch

Telling stories of expression

Too compelling to deny

Stories screaming to be bold

In the depths of the night


Devouring what’s lost

Or perhaps what once was

Neglected thoughts

A creation without inhibitions

Dreams—voiced as illusions

Or are dreams merely the truth?

A passage to tether

To escape false inceptions


 Comprehensive in nature

no element of time

Dreams— spiritual escapes

Brave encounters to be flourished

Subsiding the numbness

 ironically fast asleep

Sweet dream to all

Until morning we speak


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