burning hot love

love me like the world is your canvas
and I am the hot summers sun
touch me like your world is on fire
and only I can ignite these flames 
from the rush you get in your veins
when you see my warm cheeks blush 
I can’t help but feel, that it is not only I
who can’t resist this burning hot love




did you ever notice

granting own pleasures
has a way of filling the ego
rather than the heart
when consumed in your being
all that is to come is self-loathing
an inevitable misery
but when evoking passion
in surrounding energies
those that are not your own
ought to manifest a positive aura
accompanied by intense sparks of joy 
pulsing through the heart
surging through the veins

a long lost search of being
fulfilled at last











tunnel light

fingers clasped
elbows pressed to knees
she sat still through it all
when her world came crumbling down
pursuing painful memories
viciously circling the mind
like a relentless vulture
feasting on the innocence
is time to be the blame?
for the hatred
and the shame
or may time be the light
a tunnel of terrors
providing a profound sight
stimulating growth
and acceptance








Silver Lining

the sun looked at me

when I was shining least

picking me up

to finally breathe

from nothing that was seen

in time and space

to a warmth from above

a rightful place


you lifted my soul

and taught it to speak

in a world where I was never able to be

the insufferable breathing

I could not comprehend

the life that was paused

way back when


you melted my ice

cleared right through my shield

my soul now remembers

to continue and feel


through anguish and triumph,

I’ll breathe through my heart

for I am no longer wilting

as I was from the start

now I’m radiantly glowing

just a flower of art






A Thorny Rose

A thorny rose


A colossal beauty


Beneath raging vines

A bold attraction—lustfully craved

Artfully engaging its prey

Seductive play

Feeding on desire

Bodacious it lay


False echoes of purity

Vapidly tethered to her control

A sharp pierce by her touch

Lips stained maliciously red

Bewitched by the vision of perfection

Profusely drawing blood

Though endlessly in love

Defeated by farewell

Immersed in her spell

A fool’s game