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Luring imagery captivating empty bargains

Dispersed as viruses, conquering the now

The cruel ironic truth of craving today

Hailing over one’s mind

Disconnecting a soul to its purpose

Negotiations deter, they run dry

Corrupted love at the devil’s disposal

Well perhaps it’s too late

For another miserable try

To forget all the beauty, would be a lie

When the innocence, fasted

Crumbled and died

Was when I could no longer survive

Stated in your presence

You slipped your disguise

Worshipping the arrivals

Finalizing my demise



I’m still here

Here is one of the first articles I’ve read on WordPress which seems to resonate with me after so many months.


What an emotional read a great portrayal of depression.

 “Depression is like being dead in a world that is cruelly alive.”

In life, I aspire to be the sparrows. No matter how life feels, I will always try to consider the opportunity of what I have yet to become, rather then what I am now.

Thanking the author for such talented and relatable work

Please give it a read!

A Thorny Rose

A thorny rose


A colossal beauty


Beneath raging vines

A bold attraction—lustfully craved

Artfully engaging its prey

Seductive play

Feeding on desire

Bodacious it lay


False echoes of purity

Vapidly tethered to her control

A sharp pierce by her touch

Lips stained maliciously red

Bewitched by the vision of perfection

Profusely drawing blood

Though endlessly in love

Defeated by farewell

Immersed in her spell

A fool’s game






150 years of Canada

Hi Everyone!

As it is a long weekend in Canada I have just been taking the day to relax and get through some reading for school. I’ve discovered that I really really like cappuccino’s and have no idea why I have never ordered them in past. I only like coffee when it’s served in actual porcelain cups and would never get this type of drink in a paper cup because I’m super odd. I feel as though it transforms the whole experience and maybe even the overall taste haha.  I am now reading the Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri which although I think is interesting at times, I am having a hard time getting into this book. Perhaps it is the cultural differences that I am unable to comprehend. Has anyone read this book before… what did you think?? Now that I am half way through I am beginning to gain interest.



After sitting at my favourite coffee shop today I picked up these bad boys on the way home! I could see them shimmering across the store amongst a collection of black rimmed glasses and knew I had to have them. If you didn’t know I LOVE pink. These sunglasses are super funky and definitely not average. I’m quite confident in my rash decision to purchase these child-like glasses 🙂


As many of you may know this weekend was a pretty significant one as it is Canada’s 150th birthday! With that said, I hope everyone in Canada had a wonderful and safe time with family and friends. Although I had three days off from work ( which never happens) I did not do too much and just stayed in with my family which I usually prefer anyways.

I also wanted to wish everyone a happy early 4th of July to fellow bloggers in the states. Does anyone have any cool plans for that?

Here is my Canada day brunch that I had over at my dad’s house it was super unhealthy yet absolutely delicious! Instead of bread in a classic eggs benedict, he decided to use rosti as the base. He is always innovating.



Hope you all had a fantastic long weekend!



Pour me a glass of wine

Things are to be fine

Daylight impatiently subsiding

Somber pink hues arrange

Merciful to the day—beautiful

Mesmerized by the likes of the skies

Openly free, an endless sequence to see

Illuminating smears so vast amongst us

Feeling minuscule in body,

Yet complex in it all

Surrounding each being is delicate skies

Reassuring that everything will be just alright

No one neglected or wrong to its presence

In this moment alone we may all unite

We all deserve breaks from this battle of distance

Struggling to accept the creation of all

Reluctant to trust though options are dwindling

The lustful skies scream for my surrender

I must veer my relents and find peace that may stay

My thoughts are unique, bothersome to say

for this reason, I’ll forfeit become better—more present

I will believe in this moment

I will be safe in a meaning

But the more that I can see

The less I obey

Tempted and thirsty I say

Pour me a glass of wine




A cue of relentless breaths

Distant yet heavy in her chest

Faint raspy heaving now captures your thoughts

A glimpse of her stale presence

Unsure of what her tense structure entails

Detached for mysterious reasonswide-eyed

Wishing to discover her past

Emotions seem scarce

Perhaps just buried amongst the fear

Hidden from the manipulation of our kind

Unwilling to sacrifice the rush in her veins

Or perhaps notAnother blank stare

Draining as you question

Her ability to be there



Can you guys tell I can’t sleep haha??



I hope you find peace

I can feel these suffocating constraints


Flowing reckless—a misbehaved river

Rapids fiercely piercing on by

Currents dominating in distress


When will freedom become your destiny?

This Darkness suppresses the righteousness

You stand stiffly —unsure in despair,

A tightness no air

A stone cold boundless night.



By; Kristen S


Pic credit: http://maxpixel.freegreatpicture.com/Flow-Whitewater-River-Water-Rapids-14000

Update? :)

Hi everyone!

I was quite thrilled with the book Bel Canto I thought it was so amazing as Anne Patchett’s writing is so beautiful and inviting. The book was so exciting the whole way through until about the last 4 pages… but hey it was bound to happen.. and besides I’m just too sensitive. If you were to tell me before I read the book that I would fall in love with characters who are essentially incriminating terrorists I wouldn’t believe it! But Anne Patchett has a way with her words and really brings us all back to one very simple point. We   are   ALL   human!  In this inspiring novel, the characters became entangled in a world that was vastly different from their own. With new controversial circumstances, hostages and terrorists alike were able to embark on a new journey that allowed the characters to unexpectedly free themselves and reflect upon their lives in solitude.  This book was so beautifully done, I won’t get too much into detail but I would highly recommend the read. 🙂

Sooo… onto my next book!! I’ll be reading Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathon Safran Foer. I heard really great things. Let me know if you have read this book and what you thought of it ?? By the way, I swear I went down for a cup of tea but it *ermm* seems to have turned into a glass of wine….weird?! I know I’m not the only one this has happened to right??

On another note look at how pretty the sky was this evening. I captured it on my way home from college. 🙂20170601_205149