The earth was here before the human was born and is here after the human is born. It sustains us yet we do not sustain it, it is our temple and we are guests in its safe giving’s, it does not belong to us, as it is too profound for our likes.
Nature is far too superior to us and we do not deserve its nourishing breaths. We have a human brain—merely another prop in science, and we know nothing, only what the brain wills us to know. Nothing in comparison to the intellect of our natural surroundings, encouraging charismatic blessings while we stomp on its flowers and spit in its waters. The human brain only captures the essence of what we believe to be as ‘everything’, and we continue to believe it is everything cause that’s all we will ever know. Did you ever stop to think that we need to create an energy that supports the beauty of our surrounding ecosystems and not construct a plan that degrades it as if it were something to use? We salvage what we have left of our unconditional supporter and our greatest miracle—nature. No surrenders, no remorse, just selfishly abusing nature’s course. The earth shrieks in pain. Society’s ego swells. If we take the time to listen to something more important then ourselves feeding our souls, growing, and comprehending. Nature is screaming through destruction, an abusive story, not an honorable tale. Peace will come late and only then we will no longer demand. Too little too late, we will be the wholesome reason for its end.

9 thoughts on “Inferior

  1. thoughtprovokingpoetry says:

    You already impressed me with your last piece, and now you come out with a poetically, creatively written piece regarding Mother Nature. I’m going to try to blog my “Mother Nature and Her Crafts” regarding of course…Mother Nature. You’ll probably see that my poem are not similar, which is great, but the talking point, attitude/mindset, and values are there. My first two blogs touched the topic of we are consuming not our fair share of resources, because our selfishness and military strength. in a way, no country wants to get too aggressive against our nation which for security reasons, I am glad. But, I think out of so many other nations, we are the takers. In my blogs, I tried to explain the common denominators of our internal relationship struggle that for many may stem from a rigged system in that we have a 50% divorce ratio, many arguments stem from financial anxiety and if that last for too long that stress can become friction so no more are we talking about a couple coming home angry because the husband didn’t look for work, empty the trash, so many other arguments but the couples are not really arguing about that. And it’s when we allow stress to turn into friction it cause havoc, ruin, and despair. if we are having a bad economy, and if a single parent with children it’s hard to afford to go to work when all the money goes to daycare. So, some of us, when broke, we steal, but when the government is lacking resources, they may find a reason for commencing war, but, it’s more about our government needing their oil or replace the regime so we can put someone there that will work with us. The main point in the blog was when an individual is broke and he steals, he could go to jail. his motivation for stealing is he either needed more resources or wanted resources that he could not afford, but when the government lacks resources, they get their resources and that’s called war. Oil and uranium of course is a huge commodity. and of course, already we are consuming more than our fair share of natural resources. Anyway, great read. It’s nice to run into people that speak the same language and tone regarding what we are allowing our nation to do. Congrats on a great poem. I assume you know that was a poem you wrote here?

    4 stars!


  2. thoughtprovokingpoetry says:

    Hi, nightportfolio, I read this piece again and I remember in college students were to write essays about more deer crossing our path. And we were given the choice of arguing for humanity necessities or the deer. I chose deer. And one of my talking points were contrary to what some people thoughts. They were here first and has anyone thought that they (the deer) might be thinking we are taking away our path. The closer we get – in the name of progress or urban development, two words that mean the same and words our deer and other animals do not like, the closer we get to parts of society seeing these animals as hindrance and annoying, as if we are not annoying to them. This perspective I have had for not just animals but Mother Nature Resources. Good read


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