4 thoughts on “26/12/17

  1. thoughtprovokingpoetry says:

    WOW! Very impressed Nightportfolio. how long have you been doing poetry? When you have time, maybe go to my blog: thoughtprovokingpoetry. AS yet, I have not posted more poetry But I wrote a couple short story poetry books and they are on Amazon. well, that came out wrong. Sorry. I’m not trying to sell my poetry books. Anyway, in WordPress blogs, it shows the title of my books, the cover…but I also have posted something. My first book: People in Heaven from September Eleven, and Lovesick are good reads. And every now and then I’m going to take a piece of poetry from both books and post them here. I’m in the middle of building a web site because the cost for buying books from Amazon are too high. I’m working on another poetry book. And I’m finding a less expensive route to go. Some of my poems deal with Mother Nature’s cry to Humanity’s spills. And mother Natures turns on us, humanity. It is a short-story poem. All my poems have a character, a plot, a beginning and an end. What I have in my posts right now are related to my viewpoint of the homeless, and a little about foreign policy. They’re not boring. If you have any tips on how you sold your poetry or how you would do it, I’m all ears, so to speak. Plus, may I ask you, how many short-poems have you done and what are your topics? Maybe some day we can collaborate. There is a way I can do that with my web site. I’ve inserted a blog. No big rush. I’d love to read more poetry. I love your poetry.

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