150 years of Canada

Hi Everyone!

As it is a long weekend in Canada I have just been taking the day to relax and get through some reading for school. I’ve discovered that I really really like cappuccino’s and have no idea why I have never ordered them in past. I only like coffee when it’s served in actual porcelain cups and would never get this type of drink in a paper cup because I’m super odd. I feel as though it transforms the whole experience and maybe even the overall taste haha.  I am now reading the Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri which although I think is interesting at times, I am having a hard time getting into this book. Perhaps it is the cultural differences that I am unable to comprehend. Has anyone read this book before… what did you think?? Now that I am half way through I am beginning to gain interest.



After sitting at my favourite coffee shop today I picked up these bad boys on the way home! I could see them shimmering across the store amongst a collection of black rimmed glasses and knew I had to have them. If you didn’t know I LOVE pink. These sunglasses are super funky and definitely not average. I’m quite confident in my rash decision to purchase these child-like glasses 🙂


As many of you may know this weekend was a pretty significant one as it is Canada’s 150th birthday! With that said, I hope everyone in Canada had a wonderful and safe time with family and friends. Although I had three days off from work ( which never happens) I did not do too much and just stayed in with my family which I usually prefer anyways.

I also wanted to wish everyone a happy early 4th of July to fellow bloggers in the states. Does anyone have any cool plans for that?

Here is my Canada day brunch that I had over at my dad’s house it was super unhealthy yet absolutely delicious! Instead of bread in a classic eggs benedict, he decided to use rosti as the base. He is always innovating.



Hope you all had a fantastic long weekend!


6 thoughts on “150 years of Canada

  1. brijkaulblog says:

    your brief but very elucidating writeup is quite absorbing and thought provoking. Kindly accept 150th birthday of your great country. kindly read my blogs and leave your valuable comments
    i am interested to visit Canada .


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