Reminiscent metal scraps

Indistinguishable opaque iron

Exposed to years of manipulation

Rusty disintegrating metal,


Unjust betrayal

Neglected heroism

An ancient mystery to say

Treacherous journeys—scarring

Waiting on closure

Dwelling in solitude

Tragically anonymous

Sold—chucked away


-Kristen S


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8 thoughts on “Armour

  1. Ramona's Psyche says:

    Great! I came back from my Oregon trip a few days ago and she’s been super happy that I’m home. It was really cute because the first time she saw me come in the door she was meowing and wanting me to hold her and then the next moment she was mad because I left in the first place, doing the whole sassy “huff!” while turning her head away. 😆😆

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