Hearing Silence

Hearing Silence

By: Kristen S

The voices of strangers

Undefined vigorous speech

Public spaces —

A breeding ground for thee

A cornucopia of tones

Unsettling pitches

Working together

To become unknown


An array of words

The tongue may master

Impaired mind,

Blurry vision,

Struck by confusion

Barriers to hear

Messages become unclear


A noisy pursuit

Traveling voices

Filling the air swiftly

Hazy fog clouds fast appear

Surrounding my entirety

Skimming my ears

Blocked by the mind

So silence may be defined


Why does the quietness draw me in?

As a conversation may draw in

A person searching for

Comfort, or joy

This exact reality leading me to


Bars of steel

Paralyzing the mind

Unable to Feel


Noise subsiding

An abundance of thoughts

Not to be heard by the average ear

Followed by thunder — bang

When noise is disturbed

My silence loses grip

My thought become heard

Loud in my mind


Noise is retained

In my thoughts,

And my mind

And silence fast approaches

When the voices arrive

Disturbing my being

Gone for the time


In a world where noise

Is created when silenced

And the chatter of voices

Become quiet and null

Unsettling in my mind

Hearing nothing at all

Until tension becomes freedom

To be awakened with time




Pic credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/216172850840728174/





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