Robotic Agony

Some late night thoughts…

Robotic Agony


Tainted to the touch

What may heal my tarnished being?

Of shame and defiance

When will I be untouched?

The problem quite dull

Or perhaps it’s too much

Losing the fight to configure

Wiring what ought to be

Doing what may please

Conversations, confirmations

Existing in the press of acceptance

Allowing its persuasion

Unforgiving guilt leading to a safeway

Where alone I could endure time and space

Rapidly malfunctioning

A tasteless army full of distractions

Misinforming human intelligence

I am pleasantly breaking to pieces

As there is exposure to be met

Exposure to solitude

Providing expressive light

Silence discovering buried promises

That may speak a thousand words

Of what’s concrete—the truth

Deviance shining through

Falling vulnerable to isolation

A new type of being

Unable to trust

Just leave me alone

In this world for one

To become what’s unknown

In a world that shuns

Becoming someone

Society standing stiff

But I will not flinch

For I am someone

Not a machine

But a glitch


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5 thoughts on “Robotic Agony

  1. Ward Clever says:

    I read this a few times – it’s packed with meaning and longing. But you’re not a glitch. You’re a gifted writer. 🙂


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