I won’t grow up

Hello, Lovely people! Here is a poem it will only take one minute to read…which will take you through the years of my innocent childhood to the mundane truths of adulthood. But why do so many of us choose to change for the worse? No one wants to invite the weight of the world on their shoulders or is amused by negative thoughts, yet it happens every day. Perhaps it is part of the process of achieving ‘success’ *sigh*. Anyhow, Going forward I want to live in the ‘now’ and spend less time worrying about things I can’t change. Please post your thoughts in the comment section if you’d wish to discuss this. 🙂

Inspired by true events (as is all my poetry):

I won't grow up

Once I was young—carefree

Sitting on that rugged hill

Innocence feasting on the treasures of life

Frantically hyper—a gleam in my eyes

The wonders of nature

Passing me by

Astonishing rigid shadows

A Butterfly

Hello, dear old reminisces

Don’t tell me goodbye


Threats were jagged scrapes upon my knee

A bruise—a bump
Not much it could be

Inhibitions were minimal

Barely I'd say

Just shrieks of rejoice

A happier day

A never-ending inception of curiosity

What will come next?

I must wait and see


There I sat lonely

With comforts of faith

Beginning to itch

Itch for the day

Where experiences are magic

With a cloud of what may

More than I could envisionUnknown.jpeg

Of course on that day


I entered those chapters

With a plea of excite

What is to come?

Or what may be right?

The days become shorter

Contemplating to trust

My experiences became feeble

Or perhaps less robust


Mundane and confusion

Swept by like a tide

Chapter upon chapter

Disturbance of faith

What ever happened?

To the carefree days

They lacked disappointments

The future was praised

Now thoughts seem dreary

At a constant haze


I now comprehend that the future is tough

So I live in the present

Where I can be enough

No vast expectations,

Demands if you will

Just carefree days

Alone at the hill

PIC CREDIT: https://www.decorpad.com/bookmark.htm?bookmarkId=27142   https://fineartamerica.com/featured/dream-tree-tracy-fitzgerald.html



16 thoughts on “I won’t grow up

  1. Sacred Beads from Sacred India says:

    I like rugged hill Made me questis Is it rugged as in rocky and roygh or is rugged as in wrapped in a rug., cosy and safe


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