Shooting a little positivity your way this morning. Just an inspiring poem that I HOPE can kickstart your day *hehe*. I recorded it so you don’t even have to bore yourself to read it! Please enjoy my awkward voice… yes you guessed it I havnt even had my coffee yet.


Okay so it took me forever to realize I dont have access to import mp3 files so had to make a video! haha —>HOPE



By: Kristen

Washing away this cue of disaster

 Scrubbing away the suspicion

 A sturdy method to reconcile the pain

 Waiting away


Hope of future indulgences

 Hope to survive what is unknown

 Yearning to stay in my heart and my soul

 Hope won’t settle or seep through the cracks


 Wisdom if that

Saluting my existence

 Performing its best, faithful to acquire

 Its positive yield

 Too anguished to forget 

Won’t give it a rest


Hope—a forgiving virtue

Relinquishing dreams to aspire
Hope is a moment

 Without a retire

Visibly shattering the voice of dismay

Incredible—A spectacle!
Paving my way

Hope is my energy

Voiding deception

A world where predictions may sometimes

Be earnest


Hope has been righteous

Fair to my thoughts

Now I’ll remain calm

Calm to digest, and not rot.

Well I don’t recall thinking

A moment of silence

"Precious and attainable"

Is hope and its guidance


21 thoughts on “H O P E

  1. sujal31 says:

    Worth a read❤️. I have just started writing and my subjects are similar. I would be really thankful if you could read my posts and share your views

    Liked by 1 person

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