This poem communicates the reality of socially constructed behaviour. In today’s society sometimes we fall victim to neglect self-made thoughts or we lack the inspiration to think beyond what is essential. We are in a world full of pressures and stresses that may get us caught up in a sea of sameness.

Been there.

Done that.

I hope you enjoy my story and without further ado here is my poem:


We are socially conscious creatures searching for truth

Entertaining constructed ideas, which present us no use

Who are we really?

And how may we thrive?

 Shall we execute this pre-conceived context on how we survive?

 I know it’s no use and we’ll do what we do

 But what if there was truth for me and for you

 Our roots are not constructed

 Our roots do not struggle

 To tell us the truth on how we are subtle

 So how may we peacefully strive for rebuttal

 To become just ourselves and rightfully settle

 Our social aggression shining through to be fierce

 But what if I told you being human was scarce.

 Its time to let loose and open up who we are

 As the idea of living is seemingly too far

 Today there’s no beauty

 Today is a shame

 Lost in the motions pretending to be tame

 The truth makes us different

 Yet forever in sync

 So will you lead me away to a place that will think?

 Migrate to a time that will suit our existence

 A time that may cherish

 The mind and the soul

 Where our hearts may survive

 And our breaths may be whole



Picture credit: http://artnectar.com/2010/06/daily-inspiration-20-zombie-art/

15 thoughts on “Zombies

  1. robertcday says:

    Now that, Kristen, would make one awesome rap. Listen to the verses in Galway Girl by Ed Sheeran for the style I’m thinking of. I read through the whole thing like that and it was fab! You missed a line out, though. There needs to be another one just after ‘Migrate to a time that will suit our existence’ for it all to work. 🙂
    Love the theme, too. And the zombies in the pic! 😀
    Kindness – Robert.


      • robertcday says:

        Nice to be able to introduce you to a little of our home-grown talent. 🙂 He’s incredibly popular here at the moment. He just released an album with 16 tracks and every single one of them was in the top 20 UK single sales chart.
        You take care too, Kristen. Your day may be a little behind mine but I hope you enjoy it just as much. 🙂


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